Prince Lestat

Prince Lestat

Vampire Chronicles, Book 11

eBook - 2014
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ArapahoeLesley Nov 10, 2016

A fan of the Vampire Chronicles since my teenage years I was very happy after so long to spend time with all these characters once again and even get some stories about characters we have been introduced to but never got to meet. The flitting between characters is the action in this novel as the conflict itself is not really gripping and seemingly quickly and easily resolved. Towards the end I kind of wished Lestat was still his old jaded self but for a tale that had ceased for a decade without closure, I suppose, needed a conclusion and this was as good of one as any. Update: Not a conclusion as she has another one due out soon.

Oct 23, 2016

bitch should stick to nursery rhymes. barely readable prose. some good sex scenes. Rice's anxiety as she writes line after line of drivel referencing subjects in which she obviously has no experience is mind-numbingly and readily apparent. This book is as transparent as her early works written pseudonymously, I say facetiously.

Quimeras May 13, 2015

“Prince Lestat” shares a similar format with “Queen of the Damned”, but has better content. There are enough characters and subplots in this book to continue on with “The Vampire Chronicles”. At the same time, our protagonist, Lestat, seems to have come full circle in his journey through the Savage Garden, and this could just as easily be a fitting end to the tales.

May 06, 2015

it has been 20 years since I read anne rice prince lestat was ok I enjoyed reading the book was happy with backstory on some of the older vampires was most pleased lestat finally grewup and became responsible for all the vampires all in all the book was not bad a satisfying ending to the series.

Amber L Moreno
Apr 24, 2015

Missing the sizzle you might be expecting from the world of the Vampire Chronicles, but if you've spent years investing in the characters, you'll be able to keep turning the pages without much complaint. Lestat has definitely grown up.

Feb 11, 2015

Disappointing. I've already read all of Rice's other books, and this one adds nothing to the canon. Pretty much just a who's who of characters we already know, and a very obvious prelude to a new series. She should have started with the new material instead of rehashing the old. May appeal to people not familiar with The Vampire Chronicles.

walkingeagle Jan 31, 2015

The problem with the commentators here is that they are in the habit of writing the story according to their own needs here. They have for their own convenience subtracted the author/artist from her own creation because it didn't fit their own psychological needs that needed to be met. This story was absolutely EXCELLENT. I loved it completely, especially the end. RIGHT ON ANNE RICE!!! Furthermore, even vampire brat princes have to "grow up" and he did in the most grandest way. I LOVE IT!!! Want more too.... :)

lib_apart Jan 28, 2015

Anne Rice revisits her cast of Vampire Chronicles characters and provides enough backstory that readers who begin with this one will be able to follow. However, there are so many characters at this point that the novel suffers from lack of a main focus, and also from a lack of romanticism in our modern age. An email with a vampire does not carry the same import as an interview with a vampire.

Jan 13, 2015

I thought it was going to be a little too sci-fi for me in the beginning, but like 90 pages in and it was back to the old stuff. The ending was really sad because it felt like the end of the series. I still liked it very much because Lestat with an iphone and vampires with hand grenades is pretty interesting. Twists and turns all over the place. Not as emotional as the rest, but still pretty good. You can tell Anne moved out of Louisiana.

JamesBayRidge Jan 05, 2015

Interview With The Vampire was an interesting approach to the vampire genre, The Vampire Lestat and Queen of The Damned filled out the world Rice created, but after that it was all down hill. Prince Lestat is the authors attempt at regaining the crown of queen of the vampire world, but it never reaches the interest level of her first two novels. However, just because I do not find the brooding, ethical vampire of any interest, this might be a perfect group of novels for people who liked the Twilight series. I am sure that Rice will continue to beat Lestat's story to death as long as it is profitable.

Dec 30, 2014

The first of this series I've ever read, and it will probably be the last. In general I don't see the attraction of this world, although it was almost worth it for one fantastic scene about 380 pages in.

Dec 21, 2014

I pretty much stopped reading the vampire books years ago. Thought I would give Anne a try again. I liked the Mayfair witches novel better than all the later vampire books. So, sort of disappointed, but Lestat is a brat and at times, is enjoyable. Want some Anne Rice that is very "different"? Try the "Beauty" three volume set.

Dec 18, 2014

I enjoyed this book so much that when I read the last page I turned back to the front and started over. Knowing the end, I knew what to pay closer attention to in the second reading, which was even more enjoyable.

You won't get much out of this book if you haven't read all the previous Vampire Chronicles though, but if you have then this book is definitely The Reunion. I hope this is a set up for more adventures. I love these characters. I loved this book.

Dec 17, 2014

The only thing good about this book is that it's over. There is an old joke that goes "What did the deadheads say when they ran out of acid? God this music sucks." I had to finish this piece to give a nod to my 23 year old self. But that guy was a drunkard who also bought crappy garage band CDs thinking they were all the next big thing. This novel has me questioning my whole reality now. Mayhap Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut and J.R.R. Tolkien aren't that great either. Or maybe this book just really sucked.

emerald2pac Dec 09, 2014

Geez people spoilers much, good thing I read the book before reading the reviews.

KateHillier Nov 24, 2014

It's been awhile and we're back with Lestat, Armand, Louis, Marius and every single other vampire you've met or half met in the previous novels. The key events so far are summarized in the beginning and there's a cast of characters in the back but I really don't suggest trying this if you're new to the Vampire Chronicles.

There's a Voice that the vampires of the world are hearing. Most are able to tune him out but those that can't ignore it end up destroying themselves if they are young vampires and destroying young ones if they are old. One vampire begs over internet radio for the elders to come together and do something to stop it all, even though the 'elders' don't do too much or act like vampires are one big tribe or anything special.

Welcome to the novel, centuries in the making, where the vampire population gets a clue and sort of a government. It takes a long time to get there. I'm all in for Rice's prose but the sheer number or characters and tangents started to get me a littld frustrated. Ending is obvious and predictable but it's almost worth it to see these eternal children get a clue. Some really odd bits, that means you Viktor, but nothing that will be unusual.

All in all it was nice to hear from our Brat Prince again despite the problems.

Nov 21, 2014

Anne Rice should be throwing out her pen/computer or what ever she wrote this book was crap. Before this book she was one of my favorite authors....not anymore!!

jesking Nov 17, 2014

I enjoyed Lestat's return, along with the return of many others. I wish Rice would quit using the word "preternatural." And I was so happy to have these characters back (minus one that I think could have had her own novel) that I overlooked the fact that this entire book feels like a setup to give Rice different routes to take to continue the series - almost like a "ok, here's were we are. Stay tuned for adventures." Also, a little disappointed with Jesse in this one - she was a cool character before, here she's pretty whiney and distressed. I enjoyed the explanation given for The Blood. If you've read the others, you just have to keep on....

GhiddyZ Oct 31, 2014

Imagine a fanfic writer was given permission by Anne Rice to write her characters, plus they were allowed to add in their own characters as supporting players in the drama. That is what you have here. Nothing much happens except Lestat is somehow more annoying than ever. Oh and lots of science. And vampire sex because of science. The climax is talkalicious as though John Grisham decided to write vampires. Avoid.

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