The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)

Book - 2005
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Presents a critical analysis of the differences between Christianity and Islam and maintains that Islam contains a political agenda which endorses violence and aggression against non-Muslims.
Publisher: Washington, DC : Regnery Pub. ; Lanham, MD : Distributed to the book trade by National Book Network, c2005
ISBN: 9780895260130
Characteristics: xvi, 270 p. ; 23 cm


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Apr 06, 2018

So sad that people read such propaganda instead of actual scholarly work based on research. This comes out of the huge, self-perpetuating industry of hate.

DebAK May 15, 2016

Yes, his "distracters" indeed, lol!!!! Now, my suggestion is read the book and arrive to your own conclusions.

Mar 06, 2016

“Good Grief! It's the Far Right, Charlie Brown!”
by Lester & Charlie, posted 02.04.2014, to The Huffington Post
“The conservative book industry isn’t dead, it’s just embarrassing – When Fox hosts are suddenly "historians," conservatives don't like what it says about their movement. Here's why ...”
by Alex Pareene, poste March 24, 2014, to Salon

Nov 22, 2014

"PIG [guide to Islam]"!? Even his distracters can't accuse the man of hidden agendas at least!

He's a conservative and a christian, so he's grinding two big axes.

Still, even the mentally rigid and biased [er, 'Committed'] get it right sometimes. And his basic points stand unrefuted. [The ONLY website i've found with what seems to be objective criticism is at, and his objections are faint. There's also, which may impress you more than it did i]
So i tend to accept his basic points. My only quibble is that his case seems to rest on the contention that Islam is worse because the Quran contains far more kill-the-unbeliever commands than any other religion. But he never totals such references in both christian bible and quran, so we can see [i.e. "ah, the quran is 55% more intolerant"].

Of course, the opposite side is equally slack here: if Spenser is wrong this is their big chance to nail him on concrete numbers- to simply count the numbers of kill the unbeliever entries in the Koran and in the Bible, and, if indeed there is no more in the Koran, to crush Spenser's claims. But they don't. Hmmm.
If you want a more objective-*looking* presentation, try Sam Harriss'es "The Reality of Islam" essay [and the books mentioned in's site]. Harris is famous for savaging ALL religions, so can't be accused of christian prejudice.

PS: About 10 years ago i read a newspaper editorial by a middle-easterner pointing out that the whole Jihad thing began exactly when mid-east oil fields started pumping. Uh huh.
[Now we've got resources we can pick up where we left off...]

PS: [months later]... I've just read that indonesian islam is strangely free of this lunatic fringe, so this infection isn't inevitable. These people i would welcome into Canada [the rest, well as they say about smokers, "Your right to smoke ends where my lungs begin", Your right to religious freedom ends where my right to physical safety begins.]

steelydeacon Oct 21, 2013

Our modern world is facing a menace that it cannot see. The west is dominated by liberal atheism, which labels all religions as the same; they are assumed to all be harmless, obsolete traditions that will soon fade into the dusty, forgotten shelves of history. Islam is not like that. Its manifest goal from inception has always been world subjugation by subterfuge first, and then force and oppression once a political advantage has been achieved. The world is being lulled into a stupor by the Islam-is-peace pretense that labels muslim terrorists as aberrations from the religious norm, when the reality is that Islam has no other ultimate goal than world domination and the oppression of shariah. This book is an essential wake-up call!!

Oct 03, 2013

Alternate recommendation: The Battle for God, by Karen Armstrong. The controlling factor in whether a religion becomes violent is not the religion itself; it is the politics of the country. When Christianity has had political control of a state, it has been as violent as Islam; Muslims who live in a democracy with separation of church and state are as peaceful as Christians. BOTH Christianity and Islam have gone through periods of peaceful tolerance and periods of militant intolerance, and the present period of Christian peace is due more to secular government and economic prosperity than to the Christian religion. BOTH the Christian Bible (including the New Testament) and the Koran have passages which militants use to justify violence against unbelievers and heretics. BOTH Islam and Christianity have peaceful followers and militant followers. Today, the majority of BOTH religions are peaceful, and the most certain path for peace is for the peaceful members of ALL religions to support each other against the violent members of ALL religions. - and don't give political power to ANY church!

ecrl Oct 03, 2013

naturalist seems to have a fixation against the "conservative movement." People should read the book and make up their own mind! (And we all know when the last time was that these religions went through "periods of militant intolerance"...)

Feb 28, 2011

Most people in the west know nothing about Islam except for the whitewash we see in the news.
If there is ONE book you need to read about Islam, then start with this book!
Since 911 there has been an effort to cover up 1400 years of bloodsoaked history and this excellent book lays it bear.
Islam's violent history and violent tenants are examined here in detail.
If there is one book you read on Islam then this should be the book!


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EuSei Oct 21, 2013

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ecrl Oct 09, 2013

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