Permanent Record
Permanent Record The Very Best of the Violent Femmes By Violent Femmes (Musical group) Music CD - 2005

"She says "Wait a minute honey, I'm gonna add it up.'"
It can't be easy to start your career with your best album, which is just what Wisconsin folk geek rock trio did. Their self-titled debut has so many familiar songs on it that it almost feels like a greatest hits comp. I'm partial to their overlooked follow up, the country death album "Hallowed Ground." This 16-song overview contains all the big songs, but I'm not really sure who it's for. If you're a fan, you already have the songs, and there are probably too many non-hits for the casual listener. As you get past their first few albums, the quality drop off is severe. There are great songs here ("Blister in the Sun," "Jesus Walking on the Water," "Add it Up"), but you'd be better off making your own comp. Fun facts: avant-jazz musician plays sax on "Black Girls" Steve MacKay, who played sax on the Stooges' "Fun House," is featured on "I Held Her in My Arms."

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