This Land Is Their Land
This Land Is Their Land Reports From A Divided Nation By Ehrenreich, Barbara Book - 2008 | 1st ed

Ms. Ehrenreich is not my favorite author or socioeconomic commentator, if she is even on my list, as she simply doesn't have the depth of knowledge and background to explain why the comment below mine is so patently simple minded and simpleton in nature: the super-rich control the creation of money, through their banks, and shadow banking and enormous global financial fraud without end. We are not all alike; as most people really aren't psychopathic greed mongers, but mentally healthy people seeking knowledge, beauty and pleasure, healthy pursuits not known among the ultra-rich and their cohort. The sociopathic urge to own everything, to control everything, and the colossal wealth which has enabled them to infantilize such a large portion of the population through TV, movies and entertainment in general, sets them far below the rest of us on the moral continuum.

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