Vexed Series 1 DVD - 2012

A different type of cop series. Two cops who are actually similar with some traits. The both of them are kind of jinx in their lives. The one cop is lazy and tries to find every way to avoid work. Apparently he has not even stepped foot in the actually policing for years. Instead he goes to a cafe which is located right across the road from it. Although he is lazy and boarder line of being incompetent he always ends up falling on his feet and solving the murder or even multiples. I liked the one comment he made to his partner, "Why bother, if we solve this case early they will just give us another crime to solve." The comment explains why bother rushing through one crime to get it solved as quickly as possible for the fact we are getting paid whether we solve 1 crime or multiple crimes. Why not lay back and take it easy for the fact once that crime is solved they will just give them another to solve. It was an ok cop series with laughs but not an outstanding one.

Ephriam's rating:
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