Vexed Series 1 DVD - 2012

Although a bit bogged-down by a rather banal script, LucyPunch and TobyStephens, both wonderful actors, more than rise to the occasion making the very, very most of their roles. It's interesting to view TobyStephens in this role... so unlike the usual fare for him, and LucyPunch remains... always, the breath of very fresh air, bringing the quality of the blonde screwball comedy back-to-life: never too broad, always contolled, and always making it's bull's-eye. This series isn't too much other than what we've all seen before... little more than whipped-cream, but the two stars make it all so worthwhile; it's a whipped-cream concocted by master-pastry chefs, in the guise of Punch-Stephens!

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