Sleeping Beauties
Sleeping Beauties By King, Stephen Book - 2017 | Large print edition

I can't believe how many negative reviews this book is getting! This doesn't read like King's more classic books, that's true. And it was a collaborative effort with his son Owen, so there's going to be a new voice in there along with King. But it was still a fantastic book. I couldn't put it down!
Basically, as women fall asleep they're wrapped in cocoons. Not only does the book explore what life is like for the men they leave behind in this time, it examines the lives of the women trying to stay awake out of fear or a sense of duty to others around them. The men have no idea what is happening to the women, while later the women can fully understand everything happening both in their world and the one they left behind. It's a fantastic look at moral panic, at how fake news can spread like wildfires, at basic human nature in the face of disaster. Some accuse King of being a "social justice warrior", of pandering to feminists with the female characters he writes. There is such a wide and varied cast of characters in this book, I can't figure out what these people are talking about though. Yes, he does have some misogynistic male characters, but that's not all the men in the book. His characterization of men and women from all walks of life, from all political and social leanings. He has characters who come off as inherently evil, purely good, trying to be good but having everything come out wrong. Basically, they're all human, and you can feel that in the writing.
This book is very different from much of King's past work. There's no jump-scares, or scary monsters. But it is a fantastic book, and a great direction for his writing. I look forward to more collaborations between father and son.

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