Hold Back the Dark
Hold Back the Dark By Hooper, Kay Book - 2018 | Center Point Large Print edition

I'm a fan of Kay Hooper and her various Bishop series, always eagerly awaiting the next installment, but 'Hold Back the Dark' is a huge disappointment for me. Yes, it has all the right parts of a story: a great setting, interesting characters, a potentially engaging plot, some conflict and of course Hooper's enduring theme. Where it falls apart is with the plot. 'Hold Back the Dark' is all exposition (set-up), a bit of rising action, no climax to that action and an exceptionally unfulfilling denouement.

This story is far too heavy on 'headaches', 'crawling, tingling' skin, 'pressure', talking about abilities and wandering around.

'Hold Back the Dark' does do a great job of introducing new and very reluctant psychic crime-fighters still figuring out their abilities and IF they want to fight extraordinary crime, but really little else. I was shocked and disappointed by the sudden, convenient, out-of-nowhere ending and, worse, the "explanation" of the why it all happened.

I can only believe 'Hold Back the Dark' is a setup for those new characters Hooper introduced.
I certainly hope so, otherwise why have bothered?

Barely 3 stars C-

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